Merry Christmas 2015 Wishes Sms Jokes

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Funny Christmas 2015 Wishes Sms Jokes Santa Claus with Bikini Girls

Merry Christmas 2015 Wishes Sms Jokes Santa Claus Funny

Merry Christmas Wishes Sms Jokes 2015

  • Why is Christmas just like a day at the office ?
    -You do all the work and
    the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.
    ||Christmas Jokes||
  • What’s the difference
    between snowmen and snowladies ?
  • What did the big candle
    say to the little candle?
    -I’m going out tonight!
  • Did you know that
    Santa’s not allowed to
    go down chimneys this year?
    -It was declared unsafe by
    the Elf and Safety Commission.
  • Christmas is the time when
    people put so many bulbs
    on the outside of their houses,
    you don’t know if they’re celebrating
    the birth of Jesus or General Electric.
  • What did Adam say
    on the day before Christmas?
    -It’s Christmas, Eve.
    ||Christmas Sms||
  • Christmas is truly a magical moment.
    Your all money disappears into thin air.
  • What goes “oh, oh, oh”?
    -Santa walking backwards!
  • Bert, aged 25.  ‘My wife’s an angel’.
    Don, aged 57.  ‘Your lucky, mine is still alive’.
  • Why is Santa Claus always so happy?
    -Because he knows
    where all the naughty girls live.

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