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Funny Christmas Jokes for Kids : Merry Christmas 2014 provides latest collection of Funny Christmas Jokes In English for Kids, Children. Share these Christmas Jokes for Kids with your Facebook friends. :)

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Funny Christmas Jokes for Kids Santa Claus Hit by Plane

Funny Christmas Jokes for Kids

Christmas Jokes for Kids

  • Why does Santa have three gardens?
    So he can ‘ho ho ho’!
  • Santa went to the Doctors with a problem.
    Doctor: What seems to be the problem?
    Santa: I seem to have a mince pie stuck up my bottom!
    Doctor: Well your in luck because I’ve got just the cream for that!
  • Question – What says Oh Oh Oh?
    Answer : Santa walking backwards!
  • Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Pudding who?
    Pudding in your face!
  • Question – What was wrong with the boy’s brand new toy electric train set he received for Christmas?
    Answer : Forty feet of track – all straight!
  • Knock knock!
    Who’s there?
    Snow who?
    Snow use – I’ve forgotten my name again!.
  • Question – What type of Shoes does Santa wear when he travels on a train?
    Answer : Platforms!
  • The year you stop believing in Santa Claus
    Is the year you start getting clothes for Christmas.
  • Knock knock!
    Who’s there?
    Holly who?
    Holly-days are here again!
  • Question – What is the best Christmas present in the world?
    Answer : A broken drum – you can’t beat it…
  • Knock knock!
    Who’s there ?
    Merry who ?
    Merry Christmas !

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Funny Christmas Jokes for Kids
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